Residents of a Sunshine North estate have launched a petition to create a new suburb.

Residents of the River Valley estate last month tabled a petition with 102 signatures to the Brimbank council, requesting the estate becomes a new suburb.

Cr Sam David has backed the proposal.

“I like the idea of calling River Valley, River Valley. People want to have the name,” he said.

“I support the residents in their wish to change the name to River Valley.”

However the suburb name isn’t the only concern the residents have.

A further petition with 122 signatures was put to the council, requesting a number of capital improvements to the estate.

Cr John Hedditch said there’s clear issues affecting the area.

“There are a number of issues with the estate. There is a lack of public transport, poor internet and other livability issues that people living at that estate experience,” he said.

“One of the big-ticket items is that the estate is zoned in the Avondale Heights school zone and people have to take their children to school in Avondale Heights, not up the road to Braybrook.

“We have a very big petition and one that is likely to grow over time.”