Sanctuary Lakes residents have vowed to fight a Wyndham council decision to open an access road between two estates.

At a recent meeting, the council reaffirmed its 2013 decision to provide an access road between Middle Park Drive in South Shore Gardens and the Address estate in Point Cook despite residents lodging a petition bearing 240 signatures against it.

Residents from the South Shore Gardens estate are concerned the access road – which has already been built and named Glacier Street – will turn their street into a rat run to bypass traffic at the Sneydes and Point Cook roads intersection.

Residents believe the access road will compromise estate security.

But a council report stated the access road will give Middle Park Road residents “a choice of access points to enter Point Cook Road depending upon their intended direction of travel”.

However, the council also agreed to monitor Middle Park Drive to see if traffic using Glacier Street was causing a hazard. If so, the council can either employ “on-road traffic treatments” or, in the event that other measures fail, close the road to traffic.

Resident Wanda Hernadi said residents were disappointed by the response, planned to appeal the decision and would seek advice from the Victorian Ombudsman.