The group leading a push to clean up Caroline Springs’ centrepiece lake will invite the public to join their crusade.

On Saturday, March 24 at 10.30am, the group will hold its first public meeting at the silver tap statue at the side of the lake. Charlie Apap, who has helped organise the event, said the group was expecting a big turnout.

“I think we could get 1000 people there, I really mean that,” he said.

“The amount of calls I’ve had and people who have approached me about this really makes me think we’ll get a big turnout.

“The idea of holding this meeting beside the lake is so all residents of Melton can come down, have a look at it and see how bad it is for themselves.”

The group has long been concerned about the health of the lake and said it will continue to lobby the Melton council to restore it to its former glory.

“We’ve had some meetings with the mayor, but nothing seems to be happening, so we’ll be letter-boxing pamphlets promoting our meeting and setting up a petition as well,” Mr Apap said. “We want the lake cleaned. We’ve been waiting for some time and nothing seems to be getting done.”

One of the group’s chief concerns is an inactive fountain, which residents believe helped with water flow and quality when active.

The fountain has been out of action due to a broken pump, however in some positive news for the group, Melton City Council operations manager Les Stokes said the fountain could be active as soon as this week.

“Weather permitting, Melton City Council aims to install a new pump at Lake Caroline next week,” he said.