Slithering snakes and creepy crawlies will be making an appearance at Hobsons Bay’s libraries this month.

Former zookeeper Andrew Wegener, of Australian Wildlife Lectures, will be bringing native animals such as a green tree frog, blue tongue lizard, long-necked turtle and carpet python for people to observe and handle. “The aim is to teach respect and care for all our creatures, from mini-beasts to live reptiles, as well as awareness about the need for care around – and the need to avoid – some animals that are in our environment,” Mr Wegener

Residents are being invited to bring in animals or photos of any creatures they would like identified. The Wildlife Lectures exhibit may also be photographed.

It will be at Altona library on January 11 and 12, Altona North library on January 15 and 16, and Altona Meadows library on January 17. Session times are 10am-3pm. No bookings required.