There’s a new waterslide at Funfields, but beware, it’s not for the faint-hearted.

Known as the Gravity Wave, the slide launches a group of riders off a 26.8-metre high platform, sending them hurtling down 186 metres of open and closed tubing, at velocities of up to 24 feet a second, before plunging into the depths of the Gravity pool.

Riders are powered by 200 litres of water per second, allowing them to feel weightless.

Funfields owner John Verga said the slide was one of the world’s biggest.

The park is already home to two of Australia’s five world record-breaking slides.

“The new ride will take out the prestigious title of the world’s longest, tallest and biggest Proslide Tornado Wave, as determined by its creators and industry giants, Proslide,” he said.

Mr Verga said the Gravity Wave will be joined by another new ride, The Voodoo, the first of its kind in Australia, which hurtles 16 riders at a time up to 18 metres into the air in a looping, 360 degree frenzy.

The new rides launch on October 21.