Hobsons Bay ratepayers will be hit with an average eight per cent increase, with some paying up to 20 per cent more, in their next rates notice in September.

Meanwhile, the petrochemical industry will pay an average of 19 per cent less.

Residential waste charges will rise by an average 27.6 per cent due to increased costs associated with China’s ban on low-quality recycled paper and plastics.

Seabrook, Altona Meadows and Laverton residential property owners will be hit with double-digit rate rises.

Mayor Angela Altair said rates in 2018-19 were based on property valuations as at January 1, 2018, so rate rises would vary considerably.

“While it might appear as though the industrial category is receiving relief, they are still contributing,” she said.

“Petrochemical ratepayers, for example, contribute just under $2.6million in rates which is about 2.43 per cent of total rates paid across Hobsons Bay.

“There is a common misconception that as properties are revalued, council receives a ‘windfall’.

“This is not the case … the revaluation process results in a redistribution of the rate burden.

“With significant increases in residential property values, well above the non-residential sector, the rates burden shifts to residential properties.”