A Sunshine couple claim they have been robbed of their privacy by a development that directly overlooks their backyard.

Husband and wife Rodrigo and Claire Balart made the move from Sydney to Sunshine in early 2014.

Approval for a development at the rear of their property had already been approved when they bought the house, but it soon became clear to Mrs Balart that the development wasn’t ideal.

“We didn’t mind the fact a development was going up behind our house, but we quickly realised that there was going to be some privacy issues when we saw the frame for this window take shape,” she said.

The finished development has a large window on the second storey which looks directly down into the Balart’s backyard.

Mrs Balart said the window deprives the family of a comfortable environment.

“I’ve got two young children and I want them to be able to run around in their backyard and feel the grass under their feet,” she said.

“Having this giant window there overlooking the entire backyard doesn’t help create that sort of environment.”

The development hasn’t broken any laws and is compliant with regulations, which Mrs Balart said is part of the problem.

“I have no course of action at the moment.

“I’ve been to the council and they won’t do anything about it, I’ve contacted the state government, but because it’s within regulations, they wash their hands of me.

“In what world is a giant window on the second storey of a house, overlooking a backyard, a good idea?”

“I’m not opposed to developments, but standard regulations don’t fit every situation and the law of common sense would tell you this doesn’t work.”

Mrs Balart said her continued frustration comes from an inability to have her voice heard.

“There’s nobody who will listen to me or tell me what I can do about this.

“I’ve had people come around and tell me to plant trees or move the shed across so it blocks it out, but why should the cost be on me?”