Caroline Chisholm Catholic College art students have extra incentive to make sure they produce great work; it could end up adorning the school walls.

Since 1991, the school has been buying the best artworks, design pieces and photos from their students to display around the campus, showcasing award winners and top students.

Visual arts head, Jodie Pitruzzello, said the standard of the artworks was high every year, with more and more pieces being selected to be part of the exhibits.

“A lot of the pieces have won awards, or been part of the Top Arts exhibitions over the years,” Ms Pitruzzello said. “Many of the students in those classes are interested in moving into the art, film or design industries, so it’s good to recognise their good work around the school.We now have a three-year rotation of the artworks, so after three years the students will receive their framed artwork back and new pieces will take their place.”

Students are remunerated between $50 to $200 for the pieces.

Artworks are initially short-listed by teachers, Ms Pitruzzello, and curator Kika Inear, with the principal making the final call on which pieces are purchased and displayed.

“We generally select an artwork from each school; girls, boys and co-ed, and also have a variety of art forms to display,” Ms Pitruzzello said.