A new prison in Lara is expected to be one of the big-ticket items in the state’s 2018-19 budget.

The state government last week announced it would buy land to “significantly expand” what it has dubbed the Lara Prison Precinct, which will also include the maximum-security Barwon Prison.

The new prison would be roughly double the size of Barwon Prison, which has a capacity of about 450 prisoners.

Corrections minister Gayle Tierney said further detail, including funding, would be included in the state budget.

“We know that our investments in more police and tougher sentencing will result in more people behind bars – we’re planning for that growth now.”

The announcement comes a year after the state government announced plans to build a $288 million high security youth detention centre in Werribee South. The location was changed to Wests Road, Werribee, following community backlash.

Opposition leader Matthew Guy slammed the government for announcing a project with no funding and scant detail.

“They couldn’t say when they will buy the land, exactly where the land will be, how much it will cost, when construction will start, when construction will finish, when it will open and exactly how many beds it will provide,” Mr Guy said.