Crime rates have again dropped in Maribyrnong and Hobsons Bay, according to the latest data from the Crime Statistics Agency.

Maribyrnong’s recorded offences fell 9.3 per cent from 9194 to 8339 in the 12 months to October, while Hobsons Bay’s fell 11.8 per cent.

Crimes against the person in Maribyrnong rose, but property crime took a tumble.

The largest drop was in theft, down from 4126 to 3460, the lowest level in at least a decade.

Drug dealing offences fell from 145 to 89, with use and possession also down, from 438 to 372.

Homicides were up from 4 to 6, assaults jumped from 527 to 573 and sexual offences rose from 108 to 130.

Robbery leapt from 98 to 125, but stalking and harassment fell from 142 to 117.

Arson dived from 46 to 18, property damage fell from 684 to 602 and deception was down from 828 to 691.

Hobson Bay homicides were steady at two, assaults dropped from 538 to 497 but sexual offences climbed from 100 to 123.

Abduction and related offences almost doubled from 11 to 20, the highest number in at least a decade.

Stalking and harassment offences also jumped to the highest number in at least 10 years, up from 152 to 192.

Property damage however dropped to its lowest level in a decade, down from a high of 923 in 2012 and 712 offences last year to 667.

Burglary slipped to another decade-low of 554, down from 587 last year.

Theft figures dropped from 2613 to 2261, the best result since 2011.

Total drug offences were down from 270 to 195, weapons offences fell from 191 to 143 and total justice procedure offences fell from 915 to 741.

Victoria experienced its biggest drop in its overall crime rate in 12 years, down 6.2 per cent overall after steadily climbing in recent years.