Brent Lucas says he wants to encourage people struggling with a drug addiction to seek help.

The 28-year-old former addict has been “clean” for two years and four months.

He has a simple message for anyone who is tempted by drugs: “Don’t throw your life away, it’s not worth it”.

Brent, who has ADHD, said that he often felt “worthless” while growing up and started smoking marijuana at 16.

Years later, he became addicted to ice, causing him to “lose everything”. Brent sold his cars and motorbikes, started shoplifting and robbed houses to pay for his drugs.

“In my case, I was pretty much a menace to society,” Mr Lucas said.

“I would suffer violent episodes and smash holes in the wall.”

Brent’s life began to change when a court sent him to the Transformations Program Australia (TPA) rehabilitation program, which includes classes on life skills and anger management.

He spent 18 months with Destiny Transformations, which is run by TPA and the Destiny Centre Christian Church in Hoppers Crossing, before completing the program in Queensland.

During rehab, Brent met a “really good program co-ordinator”, an ex-addict who gave him hope for the future.

Brent is now working for Destiny Transformations in Hoppers Crossing as a house supervisor in its residential program.