What’s your connection with Melton?

I’ve lived in Brookfield for the past 15 years.


What roles did you have in the defence force?

I served 22 years in the air force, senior clerk supply, and then I left the air force and went into the public service and [had] more than 32 years on the clerical side of things. When I first joined the public service, I was a communication analyst with Defence Signals Directorate. I then moved to the area that looked after acquiring new equipment for the air force. I ran that program for about 14 years. I eventually moved into foreign military sales in policy and procedures until I retired.


You have been a retired man since July 13. How does it feel?

More than anything, I’d love to be back in the office, but I have been doing other things like aerobics on Mondays and tenpin bowling league on Tuesday and house renovations and I’m an “18 degrees golfer” – if it’s below 18 degrees, I won’t play.


Were there any areas of your work you particularly enjoyed?

I only had three jobs in the defence service because I enjoyed every job immensely, but when those jobs moved interstate, I would change. Not many people get posted to the areas I worked for in the air force. I did equipment liaison work around New South Wales with government aircraft factories, worked at Mascot Airport welcoming and farewelling people. I worked in Malaysia, Vietnam and Paris. I’ve enjoyed every day and all the people.


How are you spending your time around Melton?

I’ve been tenpin bowling with the same league for 30 years.


What would people be surprised to know about you?

I used to be a bingo caller at St Anthony’s Church in Station Road, but now that’s all automated. I also used to be a radio announcer in Malaysia for Radio RAF Butterworth.


Mr Hamilton received a letter of thanks and acknowledgment of 54 years and 334 days of service from Australian acting secretary of defence Brendan Sargeant who said that length of service was “a feat that a very rare few ever achieve”.