Permanent alcohol-free zones have been declared in parts of Williamstown, Laverton and Newport in response to a request from Victoria Police.

Hobsons Bay council last week voted to implement a permanent ban at Williamstown, in the area south of Railway Place between Bayview and Thompson streets.

The zone includes Williamstown Beach railway station and goes down to the foreshore, bringing the area in line with bans in place at Altona.

Permanent bans have also been declared for Laverton, in the area bounded by Maher Road and Woods, Thomas and Hickey streets.

An existing ban at Mason Street/Paine Reserve in Newport has been extended north to Newcastle Street between Walker and Hall streets.

The bans aim to prevent people arriving with alcohol at train stations, where police have issued a number of infringements for public disorder offences such as offensive behaviour and drunkenness.

They come as Footscray police, Maribyrnong council and local traders join forces to create a new Maribyrnong Liquor forum, aimed at tackling safety around the area’s bars and takeaway liquor outlets.

Meeting for the first time last Tuesday, the forum aims to help licensed operators tackle antisocial behaviour and boost their powers to impose bans on troublemakers that extend across other licensed premises in the area.

Footscray Acting Superintendent Adrian Healy told the forum that despite a marked increased in the number of licensed premises, Footscray has fewer problems with associated assaults and other crimes than areas such as the CBD.

He said CCTV and an increase in police foot patrols had helped curb the issue of public drinking and antisocial behaviour around the centre of Footscray, but theft from bottle shops remains an issue.