Ajay Jay has been interested in 20th century history for as long as he can remember.

So it is only fitting the Marymede Catholic College student has been selected to join a week-long study tour in Canberra later this year as part of the Premier’s Spirit of Anzac prize.

The year 11 student was one of 20 chosen for the study tour which will be held during the first week of the term two holidays.

The tour will visit Parliament House, the Museum of Australian Democracy, the National Archives of Australia and the Australian Defence Force Academy.

Ajay was chosen after writing an essay about what people can learn from the experiences of soldiers from their journal entries and art works.

He said the two world wars were events that particularly interest him.

“History is about what happened, but also what the people before us did,” he said. “I enjoy looking at what we learn from what happened.”

Acting Veterans Minister Philip Dalidakis said the study tour was a special opportunity for the students to learn about a period in modern history that has shaped the nation.

“They’ll return home with stories to tell their family and friends about the legacy of our veterans,” he said.