Brooklyn residents will have one last celebration on March 19 before their pop-up dog park in Cypress Avenue is disassembled.

The temporary off-leash park – a fenced-off area on Brooklyn Reserve – was erected as part of the $60,000 Brooklyn Neighbourhood Project, a joint initiative of Hobsons Bay council and CoDesign Studio.

Brooklyn resident and dog owner Richard Spiteri said the push would continue for a permanent off-leash area in the suburb.

“We have seen such strong support for the temporary off-lead park – it has really become the hub of Brooklyn,” he said.

“It has been amazing to see so many neighbours come together, people who have lived just down the street from each other for years are getting to know each other. The residents are really hoping to see a permanent off-leash fenced area by the end of 2017.

“Sadly, previous funding earmarked for a dog park was re-allocated to additional carparks along Cypress Avenue. I’m sure everyone can agree, the last thing Brooklyn needs is more bitumen.”

The celebration at Brooklyn Reserve will be on Sunday, on March 19, from 10am-noon.

As part of National Neighbour Day on March 26, the Brooklyn Neighbourhood Project will organise a barbecue, tree-planting and other activities in and around Brooklyn Reserve from 9.30am-noon. Details: 9932 1000