An Altona Meadows resident has successfully contested a $95 fine for parking within three metres of a dividing line outside the Altona Senior Citizens’ Centre.

John Dawes, whose wife had parked at the time of the fine, said a ‘No Parking’ sign should be installed in that particular part of Sargood Street – between Queen Street and Esplanade.

“What confuses you in this busy part of Sargood Street is the number of clearly marked parking signs indicating the restrictions – where you can legally park or not – but not where my wife was booked, as it’s missing a parking sign,” Mr Dawes said.

“A ‘No Parking’ sign needs to be installed there, otherwise unsuspecting people will continue to park, as it’s a busy spot in a built-up area and drivers will continue to get booked.”

Under Victoria’s road rules, unless there is a sign saying parking is permitted, drivers are not allowed to park or stop within three metres of a single continuous dividing line, a single continuous line to the left or right of a broken dividing line, or a dividing strip.

“The same seems to be happening on the other side of Queen Street, in Sargood Street, directly opposite the Altona library,” Mr Dawes said.

“We understand you are expected to be aware of all the road rules and adhere to them at all times.

“We do not deny having committed this parking rule offence. We just want to highlight this parking anomaly in Sargood Street for the benefit of the community.

“And the council needs to urgently re-evaluate the traffic management in this area.”

A council spokeswoman on Monday said the fine had been withdrawn.