A 14-year-old boy was caught driving a stolen scooter while under the influence of drugs and a 57-year-old man returned a breath test reading six times the legal limit during the Australia Day long weekend in Brimbank.

Operation Amity was a four-day operation that targeted driving offences across Victoria, with 208 offences being recorded in

Brimbank Highway Patrol Acting Sergeant Ken Zeffert said there were incidents of concern even if no clear trends in offending emerged during the operation.

“On Australia Day, we intercepted a 14-year-old boy driving a stolen scooter without a helmet on Fairburn Road,” he said.

“An oral fluid test also returned a positive reading so he’s also been charged with drug driving.”

The following day police impounded a man’s car in Sunshine West.

“We also had a 57-year-old male who we intercepted in Sunshine West on Saturday, January 27, for driving while disqualified,” Acting Sergeant Zeffert said.

“Not only was he driving while disqualified, he also returned a breath test reading of .282, which is six times the legal limit and the highest reading I’ve ever seen.”

Acting Sergeant Zeffert said the operation put an emphasis on targeting drink-driving.

It also detected speeding, mobile phone use and failing to wear a seatbelt.

“Over the course of the operation our members conducted over 1700 preliminary breath tests [in Brimbank],” Acting Sergeant Zeffert said. “From that 12 people recorded readings over the limit.

“We didn’t have any fatal incidents during the operation, which was pleasing to see. However, the number of offences we recorded is concerning.”