The long-awaited $3.6 million upgrade of Craigieburn’s DS Aitken Reserve came a step closer after Hume council gave the thumbs up to a new master plan for the reserve.

The reserve, which was developed more than 50 years ago, was described as ageing and not fit for purpose in a report to council on March 14.

User groups have also contacted the council in recent years asking for the reserve to be upgraded.

The reserve is home base for Craigieburn cricket, football, Superules footy and tennis.

As part of the new master plan, floodlights at the reserve will be upgraded to comply with minimum standards for night training.

The reserve’s skate park, playground and tennis club rooms will also be upgraded.

An ageing pavilion will soon include new female change rooms and better umpire facilities.

Craigieburn Cricket Club president Gerard Laffan said the old-style pavilion did not meet modern requirements and was not able to adequately accommodate female players.

He said the pavilion had been built at a time when the clubs had about 100 male members.

These days, clubs using the reserve have both male and female players and members, with memberships including about 1000 local families.

“We do get comments from our members regarding the conditions of the DS Aitken buildings,” Mr Laffan said.

“The newer areas in Craigieburn have such great venues that look so modern and functional, meeting up-to-date building standards and regulations.”

Entry to the DS Aitken Reserve will be relocated from Craigieburn Road to Dianne Avenue, the aim being to improve traffic flow.

This follows concerns raised by council officers about the safety of the current egress points, with motorists exiting the reserve onto busy Craigieburn Road.

Officers told councillors that the current entrance was an “inefficient and unsafe exit point” due to high volumes of traffic on Craigieburn Road.