Two Brimbank nurses are ready to give back to those in need.

Jonathan Hardwick and Brett Timms will take to the ocean this February onboard the Mercy Ship – a ship which docks 10 months of the year in various countries along west Africa and other nations in need of surgical services.

Mr Timms said the opportunity to make a difference to those in need was an opportunity the two Alfred Hospital nurses couldn’t refuse.

“We really wanted to use the skills we’ve developed over our careers to give back,” he said. “We’ve got access to universal health care here and they’ve got access to pretty much zero over there.”

The ship will be docked in Cameroon and the two men will spend two and a half weeks where they will help in performing life changing procedures. “There are people with massive tumours around their head and neck, which makes things like eating difficult,” Mr Timms said. While the undertaking is a fulfilling one, it’s also an expensive one.

“We have to pay for a few things like our airfares and a number of other things, which costs a few thousand, so we’re hoping to raise a bit of money to help cover the expenses,” Mr Hardwick said.

“We’ve set up a Gofundme page with the view of donating any additional money we receive to the Mercy Ships program.”

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