Hume’s building boom has reached a new high after the combined value of permits issued during 2016 broke previous records.

New data from the Victorian Building Authority shows building permits for projects valued at $1.09 billion were issued in Hume last year, up 26 per cent from 2015.

According to the VBA, 3872 building permits were issued, up from 3544 in 2015. Hume had the eighth highest value of building permits in the state, with Melbourne recording the highest value of permits, at $3.8 billion.

VBA chief executive Prue Digby said Hume had recorded strong growth in both the number and value of domestic, residential, commercial, retail, industrial, hospital and healthcare permits.

Only the public buildings category fell below 2015 levels.

“The VBA data shows that overall growth in building permit values in Hume is stronger than in Victoria as a whole, with building use categories commercial, retail, and hospital and healthcare bucking the state trend,” Ms Digby said.

Five major building permits were issued in Hume last year, including a commercial permit for construction of a $72.2 million laboratory, office and plant at Mickleham.

In Broadmeadows, a permit for works valued at $36.4 million was granted to extend a pharmaceutical production facility, while in Westmeadows, a permit was issued for an aged care centre valued at $17.5 million.

A warehouse and office building at Somerton, valued at $11 million, and a permit for a $34.3 million commercial building for an architectural firm at Mickleham were also issued.

In Whittlesea, the value of building permits fell three per cent to $1.03 billion.

There were 3639 permits issued in 2016, down from 3983 in 2015.

A permit to build an aged care centre at Epping, valued at $29.5 million, was the municipality’s highest-valued permit.