Two drivers are facing $800 fines and another four were served with official warnings for noisy vehicles in Melton.


Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) officers and Victoria Police conducted a roadside operation targeting loud vehicles earlier this month, resulting in on-the-spot testing of seven cars.

Six of those were over the legal limit for noise emissions.

The loudest vehicle tested was a Ford Falcon that recorded a reading of 100 decibels – equivalent to a jet taking off 350 metres away.

EPA assessments director Tim Eaton said noise limits were designed to protect the community.

The Ford Falcon was recorded at 10 decibels above the legal limit for such a vehicle, loud enough to affect people in the street and nearby homes, Mr Eaton said.

“In a residential area like Melton, noisy vehicles can interfere with people’s enjoyment of shopping, cafes or just going about their lives in their own neighbourhood, including getting a good night’s sleep,” he said.

“You can report a noisy vehicle at your local police station, and if a police officer assesses the vehicle as being too noisy, it will be referred to EPA, which may issue the vehicle owner
with a notice requiring that it be sent for testing.”

Mr Eaton said that the unreasonable noise provisions of the Environment Protection Act also applied to vehicles on residential premises if a car was left running in a driveway.

“The rules apply to motorcycles, too,” he said. “Drivers and riders who choose to modify their machines leave themselves open to enforcement action from EPA and Victoria Police.”