Sunshine litter bugs and careless smokers will have no excuse for casually dropping butts and rubbish in the CBD when about 80 new bins make an eye-catching addition to the busiest streets for foot traffic.

Bins will be jazzed up in many sections of inner Sunshine, including Hampshire Road, Clarke Street and City Place.

Designed and created by Sunshine artist Liz Dalgleish, and part of the Friends of Kororoit Creek’s Beautiful Brimbank anti-litter campaign, the messages on the 77 bins remind residents of the path taken by litter dropped on streets, ending in creeks via stormwater drains.

Beautiful Brimbank co-ordinator Jodie Williams said inner Sunshine had a serious litter problem.

“In a recent litter count, conducted on Hampshire Road outside cafes … in an area no bigger than two car lengths, the [FOKC] group counted 428 cigarette butts,” she said.

“A lot of people don’t realise that whatever they drop on the street can easily blow or wash down a drain, and end up directly in the creek and then make its way out to the ocean.”

The ‘friends’ are also working on a giant cigarette butt ‘mascot’ to hand out tins to smokers to use as portable ashtrays.