Brimbank council will soon have the power to impound monkey bikes, scooters and other recreational vehicles.

A clause added to the municipality’s local laws at last week’s council meeting allows an authorised officer to impound any recreational vehicle being used on council land without a permit.

Clause 41.1 of Brimbank City Council General Local Law (2018) prohibits the use of a recreation vehicle on council-owned land without a permit.

A recreational vehicle is a vehicle propelled by internal combustion, steam, gas, oil, electricity or any other power.

Those caught found to be operating a recreational vehicle on council land without a permit will face a fine of $400 and will have their vehicle impounded until the fee is paid.

Offenders will be given 28 days to pay the fine from the date of issue.

Should they fail to pay within the period, the council has the power to sell, dispose of or destroy the impounded object.

The proposed changes fall in line with the council’s tougher stance on hoon behaviour.

Additional clauses added to the local laws prohibit any person to participate, encourage or attend an event without a lawful excuse.

In addition, the driver of a vehicle must not stop or park in close proximity to a hoon event.

A hoon event is described as one or more vehicles being driven in a manner involving the loss of traction, racing or by which undue noise or smoke is caused. Those found in breach of the clause face a fine of up to $800.

The final draft of the local laws was officially adopted by the council last week and will take effect from 2018.