A new local law to improve the safety of aircraft using Kyneton Airfield is on the way for Macedon Ranges.

The law will regulate the height of obstacles on land surrounding the airfield, following concerns about the height of a tree plantation on the site’s northern border.

In May, Kyneton Aeroclub vice-president Warren Canning told Star Weekly that the trees were of “immediate concern” and that action was needed.

“It’s got to the stage where the situation can no longer be ignored,” Mr Canning said at the time, adding that the height of the trees would soon exceed national safety guidelines, creating the risk of aircraft impacting them, and wind shear being affected.

Macedon Ranges council moved to introduce Local Law no.12 at its meeting on October 25, which will regulate Kyneton Airfield and its surrounding land.

The council voted to create the new law as the best outcome for immediate and effective protection of the airfield that was consistent with the vision and objectives outlined in the draft Kyneton Airfield master plan.

The legal and advertising fees for introducing the law are expected to cost about $10,000.

The expected timeframe to prepare and implement the local law is 18 months.