Wyndham council has slashed the time limit on a number of four-hour carparking spaces in Werribee’s CBD in an attempt to redirect where city centre employees park.

The council cut parking times for 42 parking spaces along the Synnot Street extension from four hours to two hours earlier this month, and also removed all-day business permit parking that had been allowed in 12 of those spaces.

Wyndham council city economy director Kate Roffey said similar changes were made at the same time in the riverbank carpark, troup carpark and cultural centre carpark “to increase parking availability”.

“This change was made because three-hour customer parking and all-day business permit parking  is now provided at the Cherry Street carpark. The Cherry Street carpark contains 149 parking spaces and is located across the road from the Synnot Street extension,” Ms Roffey said.

“Consultation with businesses and customers has informed us that two-hour and three-hour parking limits are the most useful for customers.

“Four-hour spaces are often used by workers and business owners, making them unavailable for shoppers. Workers are being encouraged to park in the Cherry Street and West End carparks in order to free up prime city centre spaces for their customers.”