The Deer Park Library is in desperate need of a makeover.

Membership numbers are down seven per cent, loans and visitor numbers are down eight per cent and patrons struggle to access basic services.

During September’s council meeting Brimbank deputy mayor Georgina Papafotiou said the current state of the library is a cause for concern and significant work was required to bring it up to standard.

“Deer Park Library needs a big upgrade. I can understand why people won’t go there,” she said. “Visitors often struggle to even connect to wi-fi out there.”

Cr Victoria Borg echoed Cr Papafotiou’s sentiments and called for the council to step
in and provide some much needed improvements.

“I have been concerned about the Deer Park Library for quite some time,” Cr Borg said.

“I’ve spoken to a number of patrons and they’ve told me they’ve moved to other libraries to get better service.”

In July last year the council unveiled the new and improved Sunshine Library.

Stretched over two floors, with free wi-fi, a toy library and collections in English and 10 other languages, the state-of-the art facility has proven a success, with membership numbers soaring over the past 12 months.

However, Cr Duyen Anh Pham said the current condition of the Deer Park Library could have a negative impact on Brimbank’s other libraries

“I also visited the Deer Park Library and would like to see if we could upgrade the building and services there,” Cr Pham said.

“St Albans library is being used by a number of patrons every day, but it’s in danger of becoming overpopulated.

“I’d like it to be put on the record that we look at the Deer Park Library and ways we can improve it.”