Leesa Ward grew up in Melton and now lives in Werribee, where she runs a graphic design and website development business called Double-E Design. She has completed four tertiary qualifications, studying subjects including printing, graphic design, IT and digital media.  Ms Ward is also a prolific blood donor and a member of the BeeJays Calisthenics Club in Werribee.


During your studies, you were supported by Western Chances. Do you think the west is lucky to have an organisation that helps young people with scholarships and opportunity programs?


I was a scholarship recipient from year 12, through to my first few years of study. I think yes, absolutely, we are lucky to have Western Chances. There are so many young people who have potential and passion about something, but don’t have the resources or just don’t have the support to pursue their ambition. Western Chances also holds alumni events, which I go along to. It’s become quite a community. I received my last scholarship seven years ago but I still keep in touch with Western Chances.


Do a lot of your business clients come from the west?


It’s a bit of a mix. I’m a calisthenics girl, so I do websites for clubs across the state. I have a lot of clients in the west, a lot of small businesses and more from Werribee as people come to know me. I do a concert program for a dance school, the Instyle Dance Company, which is great. Every year I also do the Williamstown High School Yearbook. My favourite thing to do is build websites, but these are also my highlights.


You have lived in Werribee for about four years now, what attracted you to the area?


There were a few reasons, we (my partner and I) wanted to stay in the outer west to stay close to friends and family. We also wanted to live in a place with better public transport. For example, when I was studying at Swinburne University, it meant I could attend night classes by catching the train. A lot of city trips didn’t need to be planned around 90-minute gaps between trains and not having late ones available so having to budget for taxis, such as when going to music concerts or the city on weekends. There are also a lot of things close by, a lot of retail and restaurants. Also, the fact there is a blood donor centre in Werribee is important to me. It’s really handy, and I’m a milestone blood donor now, which means I’ve donated 50 times. I donate blood and plasma, which I can do because the centre is so close by. As well, I like the Wyndham Cultural Centre, where you can go to the show and go to see local theatre. We hardly need to leave town, except for work.

What is your favourite place in Werribee?


If I had to choose, I’d say one of the off-leash dog parks.


And in contrast, what would you change about the area, if you could?


The train stations would have multi-level carparks, also there would be more local jobs, so we wouldn’t need the carparks.


Do you have a favourite place to eat in Wyndham?


One of the reasons we love it here is that there are so many places to eat. We have lived here for years and still haven’t tried them all.


Where do you like to go shopping?


It depends what I’m shopping for. I love Werribee Plaza and the Old Geelong Road shopping strip. There are two pet stores, Bunnings, many places to go for appliances. In terms of choice for homewares and appliances, you really can’t beat Old Geelong Road.