School teacher and mother Emma Slattery has lived in Werribee all her life. Ms Slattery said her favourite feature of the area was its cultural diversity and the “wonderful choices in food it brings to be community”.

If you had to show someone from outside Victoria around Wyndham, where would you take them?

The Werribee Open Range Zoo would be my first choice, as we spend heaps of time there. There is a lot to see and plenty of open spaces for the kids to run around. The Point Cook Homestead was always a great place to spend time, and the beach. You could take a look around the Werribee Mansion, the State Rose Garden or maybe the night theatre they have there. Take a look at the Wyndham Harbour to look at developments that are taking place.


Do you have a favourite place to get coffee or eat a meal in Wyndham?

The Little Growling Cafe is a great place. Meals and coffee aren’t expensive and there is a great outdoor playground for the kids.


Do you have a favourite park or outdoor area in Wyndham (such as the beach or near the river)?

The Werribee River Walk is always great on a nice day.


And where is your favourite place to shop in the area?

Kmart is always a winner but also Glassons.


What is one thing you would like to change most about the area, if you could?

I would love to change the quality in playgrounds around. It’s great that they have heaps more in the area now, but it would be good to have some bigger ones with more variety for the kids.