Williamstown’s Steven Zammit gained fame at a young age. He speaks with Goya Dmytryshchak.


What’s your connection to Hobsons Bay?


I was born and raised in the west. I have spent my entire life living in the west and feel a real affinity with this side of town. I moved to Hobsons Bay in 1993 and have been fortunate enough to have lived here ever since. It really is a beautiful part of the world. I feel at home here. My wife and I bought into this area at a good time. Hobsons Bay (Williamstown) is actually where my wife and I met. We celebrate our 20th anniversary this year.


You were on Young Talent Time at age 10. How did that change your life?


Young Talent Time changed my life in so many ways that I could write a book about it. Sadly there will never be opportunities like it again. Many people would assume we were all spoilt little brats. On the contrary. We worked damn hard six days a week. On top of that, there was school and weaving one’s way through the teenage years. It’s fair to say, you don’t get out of something like that unscathed. It’s a trade-off. Many sacrifices are made. But that’s how it is. It really did instill so much knowledge and unforgettable experiences and friendships. The work ethic I have now is largely due to all those years spent on the show. My wife often says I have an obsessive nature. Everything has to be in its place. Full on preparation for whatever lies ahead. I don’t see it that way. I go by the motto: “Fail to prepare … Prepare to fail”.


What would you change?


Nothing. Whatever has occurred in my life has placed me where I am today. There’s bigger stuff going on in the world, some of it not so good. Let’s all try and change that.


What are you up to now?


I have been operating a studio for VOICE in Williamstown since 1996. From there I teach voice, song writing, music theory, stage performance etc. I operate on my own. I’m there six days a week. I feel blessed to still be able to do what I do. I still perform. I write for projects collaborating with colleagues.


What do you like about Williamstown?


Everything. It’s a very picturesque part of the world. We don’t live far from the water so, when I’m motivated enough, going for a walk or a bike ride is always a joy. There are many eateries and the people are nice.


What’s your favourite eatery?


When it was operating, Scuttlebutt. It’s where I met my wife.