Seabrook’s Abbey Brown, who coaches the Altona Junior Football Club under-15 girls and was instrumental in starting the Laverton Magpies women’s team, has been named Hobsons Bay’s Young Citizen of the Year on Australia Day.


What’s your connection to Hobsons Bay?


I’m 23 and I’ve been living in my house in Seabrook for 20 years. Previous to that, I was living as a young baby in Altona Meadows.

I was involved in the community in what programs I could do at school. I thoroughly enjoy volunteering and giving back and helping other people. I started out coaching at Altona Junior Football Club and new opportunities came up through that.

Through working with AFL Vic, I got the opportunity to work with Laverton Football Club. Through that I heard that they were trying to get a women’s team … having played football before, I really wanted to give what I could and guide them and help them.


What do you like about Seabrook?


We live along Skeleton Creek, so I love that it’s really open. It’s close to everything. I grew up on the corner of a court, so my childhood was fantastic – always outside, kicking a football, playing sports and games with all the kids in the street.

I think now that I’m driving, that bit older, it’s still just really nice because I’m close enough to the sea. We’re just in a really good spot.


What would you change?


Maybe more parks for kids. Being down (on the Surf Coast) over Christmas, I’ve seen there’s some really great parks in Torquay and I haven’t really noticed that around us.


What’s your favourite local cafe or eatery?

I love Stella’s in Altona. That’s where we always go for dinner usually – birthdays and events like that. I love their pizza and pasta.


As Hobsons Bay’s Young Citizen of the Year, would you have any advice for other young people or young women in particular?


I would just say if you’re passionate about something, make sure you get involved. I know, personally, women’s football has just taken off recently, but it’s been something that I’ve loved for a long time.

I think life’s too short and it’s important to do the things that make you happy and to share your passion … I think most times, you’ll find that there are people out there who are the same. Start something new if it’s not out there.