What’s your connection to Brimbank?


I got married 18 years ago and moved from the northern suburbs to be with my husband. That was 18 years ago and I haven’t moved since. I’ve also been involved with the Keilor Village Scouts for eight years.


What do you like best about the area?


I love Keilor Village. It really is a village. You walk down the street and you know people. It’s a great atmosphere and everyone is just friendly. I don’t think I’d ever move.


What changes have you seen over the years?


I was here before Kings Road was extended. For us to get to our new estate, we had to go through Copperfield and over train lines just to get to where we are. There’s also houses going up everywhere. When I was growing up, I thought this was so far away, but now houses are 10 kilometres further out than my house is.


What can be done to improve the area?


I would love the council to do more for more than just sporting activities. The Scouts and Girl Guides don’t really get anything. I’d put more into those type of structures for the younger kids so that when they get older they become great kids and know how to do things with their time. I’d also find some more things to do for the older kids. Parks are fantastic, but once they become older they don’t really want to play at the parks. Maybe if we established some more community centres that would provide something extra for them.


Tell us about your involvement with Scouts.


I’ve been a Cub Scout leader for about five years. I love helping the kids and seeing them grow … from that, I decided I wanted to take up a leadership position. I started as an adult helper and after two and a half years of training I became an assistant Cub Scout leader. I’m now a probationary District Cub Scout leader, which means I’m in charge of the Cub Scout leaders in the area.


How would you describe the state of Scouts in Brimbank.


I don’t think a lot of people realise Scouts are around anymore. However, we are experiencing a bit of a resurgence at the moment. We’ve found with a lot of our members that pediatricians have told parents that Scouts might help their child with their own needs. Our group has been in Keilor Village for over 50 years and we try to get out into the community as much as possible and really get our name out there … not just to spread awareness, but to show the kids how to become active members of the community.