Mounted police have been patrolling the streets of Taylors Hill today in a bid to reassure residents of their safety, after up to 150 youths descended on a nearby park last night and pelted a police car with rocks.

Police were forced to wear riot gear after the youths gathered on the basketball courts and nearby parkland on Bronte Way, Taylors Hill on Wednesday night.

Police later said the youths had gathered  “to fight” and there is “a cohort” in the group who are known to officers.

A police spokesman on the scene today said the mounted police were there to reassure residents.

“We want residents to feel safe and reassure them with our presence,” he said.

“Overall, people we’ve spoken to today feel ok and that it’s a generally safe area.”

Cass, who lives near the site of the incident, said it was a scary encounter.

“It was scary, it felt like the Bronx,” she said.

“There was at least 150 people, and it seemed to be growing. Police were here very quickly but they were horribly outnumbered.

“It’s nice to see police around today still, but I’m still a bit shook up because it was way too close for comfort. I was worried about my kids.”

Another resident, Lucy, said the gathering was unusual for the area.

“Apart from throwing the rocks at the cop car it was ok, but you think in the back of your mind if something happens there were more of them than the police,” she said.

“They were typical teenagers. Just bored and doing stupid things.

“It’s normally a quiet area.”