Speedsters on Melton and Moorabool roads were caught out during a four-day road safety blitz during grand final weekend.

More than 7000 Victorians were spoken to by police in relation to traffic offences in the statewide police operation called Scoreboard.

Among those flouting the law were 72 drivers on Melton and Moorabool roads who copped fines for speeding; 16 were in unregistered vehicles; four were not wearing seatbelts; two were disqualified; and three were driving while over the legal alcohol limit.

Police said a Melton driver was nabbed while drug affected and another three drivers were unlicensed. One car was impounded.

Road policing command assistant commissioner Doug Fryer said it was disheartening that many motorists still don’t adhere to some basic road rules.

“Year in year out, we still see very similar results whereby a core group of motorists think they can flout the law,” he said.

“I know that motorists still try to get away with using their mobiles, but the very basics of not wearing your seatbelt, I just don’t understand it.

“I find it unacceptable also that over 2200 motorists were caught speeding – when you break it down, that is about 563 motorists a day caught risking not only their lives but the lives of others.

“We know speed not only kills but increases your risk of serious injury.”

Operation Scoreboard ran statewide from midnight on Thursday, September 28, to midnight on Sunday, October 1.