A Wyndham motorist is fuming after being fined for parking his car in the wrong direction.

Shawn Lynch said he was parked on the nature strip in front of a house in Kulin Drive, Tarneit, when Wyndham council issued him with the $95 fine.

Mr Lynch said that although he knew parking in the wrong direction was against the law, he believed that the council’s act of issuing him with an infringement was “pedantic and petty”.

“I feel it was a real cash grab, stretching the road rule of parking in the direction of traffic flow on the side of the street to the extreme, rather than just parking on the nature strip itself,” Mr Lynch said.

“Another car two doors down was also fined for the same reason, while a car between us was not fined as it was facing the right way.”

Wyndham city operations director Stephen Thorpe said Mr Lynch was fined for being parked while facing the wrong direction, but not for parking on the nature strip.

“While it is also an offence to park on a nature strip, council’s parking officers chose to only issue one infringement notice in this instance,” he said.

“Parking a vehicle in the wrong direction is dangerous as it means the driver had to travel on the wrong side of the road to park the car and will need to do so again when they move their vehicle.

“As is the case with any infringement notice, council will review this parking fine on request.”