The Sunshine Model Railway Club is gearing up for one of its biggest events.

The club is set to host its Model Train Expo at Braybrook College Sports Stadium next weekend.

Sunshine Model Railway Club treasurer Ted Allan said modelling is a great way to become involved in a community.

“We’ve got a loyal group of about 20 members who meet on a weekly basis,” he said.

“People come down and talk, have a coffee. It’s a social thing for a lot of the people.

“At the moment we’re also building a big layout in the club rooms. It’s 44 feet by 10 feet [about 4-metres x 1m) and can run trains, but we’re still working on the scenery.”

Mr Allan said the hobby was also an affordable one.

“Some of these trains are extremely cheap, but you can pay up to a couple of thousand dollars for some of them, it just depends what you’d like to do,” he said.

“Typically they’re $60-$120, but they all run the same.”

“I remember getting my first train at about nine years old. I gave it up in my teens when I discovered girls and cars, but picked it up again in the ’70s.

“From then I haven’t really looked back.”

Mr Allan said it’s not just about the trains.

“The scenery certainly takes up the most time. On average a building takes a good 30 to 40 hours to make.”

Details: Peter, 9311 8389


Tate Papworth