Maribyrnong residents are happy with their waste collection and libraries, yet unimpressed by traffic management, parking enforcement and planning outcomes, according to the council’s latest community survey.

The 14th annual community survey, conducted by Metropolis Research, found overall satisfaction with the council’s performance had climbed slightly to 6.60 out of 10 – categorised as “good”.

The score marks a small rise from last year’s 6.5, but remains below the peak of 6.83 recorded in 2013.

The survey was carried out in September and October with 800 randomly selected households.

The issues cited as most important coincided with those leaving people the least satisfied – traffic management, carparking, building, housing, planning and development.

Metropolis Research’s report found satisfaction with the council was highest in Maidstone and Braybrook, lowest in Yarraville.

Renters and those who had moved to Maribyrnong in the past five years were more satisfied than ratepayers and longer-term residents.

Sense of community remained strong, as did a feeling of safety in public during the day. But one in five people still felt unsafe in and around Footscray CBD at night.

Almost three in five respondent households contained a bike and almost two in five regularly cycled.

The majority of respondents favoured prioritising cycling infrastructure over traffic flows and on-street carparking

An officer’s report due to be considered at Tuesday night’s council meeting stated that the survey continues to provide the council with valuable information to understand community issues, priorities and expectations.

This knowledge provides a good basis for program and service planning, project priorities and budget allocation.”