Three years ago, Milad Norouzi was building a new life in Australia and looking for ways to share his writing.

He arrived in Australia from Iran 18 months earlier, knowing little English.

Recognising he was looking for an outlet, a friend took Mr Norouzi to an Outer Urban Projects performance at Preston, where young artists shared their stories through poetry.

After the performance, Mr Norouzi joined the company, signing up for singing, rapping and writing workshops.

Initially, the pieces he wrote weren’t in English, so Outer Urban Projects arranged for them to be translated.

In late 2015, the singer, rapper and beat boxer took to the stage at the Melbourne Festival to share his story in Outer Urban Projects’ Grand Divisions performance.

Mr Norouzi, from Campbellfield, will be working with Hume students over the next 18 months, as part of a program run by Outer Urban Projects and Hume council providing workshops for students at Hume Central College and Roxburgh Park Secondary College.

Mr Norouzi will mentor students as part of the rapping and beat box workshops