Melton council is cracking down on the municipality’s rubbish problem with the number of illegal dumping and litter notices issued in the past year up 66 per cent on the previous year.

In 2017, council officers issued 748 litter notices, up from 451 the previous year, with 105 litter infringements (up from 84) handed out.

Council officers have issued 45 notices since July to those suspected of being involved in serious cases of dumping or littering.

Melton mayor Bob Turner said the council had no tolerance for litter bugs.

“It’s disgusting to think that some people believe they can use our beautiful city as a personal dumping ground,” Cr Turner said.

“You can be fined more than $9000 for dumping rubbish.

“If you are illegally dumping, you will be caught and you will be fined – it’s as simple as that.

“There is absolutely no excuse for illegal dumping.”

Close to 800 tonnes of illegally dumped litter is collected in Melton every year.

Council officers are investigating 30 individuals and companies after eight litter blitzes in December.

Melton residents, including home owners and tenants, receive two free tip passes a year to drop off unwanted hard waste at the Melton Transfer Station.

Council also offers hard waste collection from homes.

Melton Environmental Group president Daryl Akers said that dumping threatened the environment.

“It’s disappointing that rubbish dumping is such a problem in Melton,” Mr Akers said.

“You see great big trailer loads of rubbish being dumped, especially around the back roads and on embankments near waterways.

“If there are exotic weeds among some of the green waste that is discarded in these places, they grow and can be harmful to our environment.”

Melton Recycling Facility, on Ferris Road, charges $20 for a car or station wagon load of rubbish or up to $80 for a large, heaped trailer.

It costs $120 to dispose of mattresses, $30 for bulk rubbish and $90 for rock and rubble.

Report illegal dumping at: