By Dewi Sherry

A Werribee resident’s lifetime research has been recognised around the world.

Dr Frank Dunshea was the 2017 recipient of the Meats Research Award.

Presented by the American Society of Animal Science, the Meats Research Award recognises research excellence in meat science.

Dr Dunshea is an animal scientist and researches the nutrition of animals and nutrition of humans.

His research within meat science focuses on trying to ensure consumers can get a guaranteed quality of product.

“One of the problems for consumers is that they generally purchase meat judged on colour. What we’ve been working on is developing a production systems that will ensure that the customer will be able to make their choices based on quality that they can’t necessarily see,” Dr Dunshea said.

Dr Dunshea has been working in animal research for more than 30 years and in meat research for 20 years. For the past 10 years he has been chair of agriculture at the University of Melbourne.

The American Society of Animal Science is the premier animal science society in the world.

It is the third award Dr Dunshea has received from the society and he is the first person who lives outside of north America to receive the Meats Research Award.

“I was very appreciative of receiving this award. It’s great to have your science recognised,” he said.