Hume residents of all faiths are invited to share a meal with the local Muslim community this Saturday.

Islamic Community Milli Gorus Australia (ICMG) is hosting a street iftar at the Meadow Heights Mosque to help the community learn more about Ramadan and to celebrate Hume’s cultural diversity.

The iftar, or breaking of the fast, takes place following maghrib (sunset) prayers each evening during the sacred Islamic month.

ICMG spokesman Muhammed Ali Altiparmak said the group was encouraging people of all faiths and backgrounds to experience the moment of breaking fast.

He said that during Ramadan, which is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, Muslims are prohibited from eating and drinking from dawn to sunset.

“We want to bring not just Muslims, but all Australians together at the Meadow Heights Mosque to share a meal and experience the breaking of fast. We want all walks of life to experience the moment together.

“Our aim is to promote solidarity of all backgrounds.”

The group has been organising street iftar for the past eight years and expects more than 2000 people to attend this year’s event.

The street iftar starts at 4.15pm at 15-17 Hudson Circuit, Meadow Heights.