High flying kicks, powerful punches and a world of chaos has been promised for a new wrestling show set to launch in Ardeer.

Mayhem Pro will hit the town this Sunday at 83 Suspension street, Ardeer from 4pm.

One of the headline acts JXT (pictured) said the show incorporates the best elements of live sports entertainment.

“It’s going to be a show for wrestling fans, by wrestling fans,” he said.

“We want to put emphasis on the right things – the wrestlers and the characters involved.

“We want to interact with the fans and give them something they can engage with.”

JXT said the unusual decision to put the show on a Sunday is a positive.

“Australian wrestling is healthier than it’s ever been – there’s so much happening on Friday and Saturdays, which is why we’re doing it on a Sunday,” he said. “Crowds are up, companies like the WWE are interested and we want to tap into that.”

JXT said it was an easy decision to bring the show to Brimbank.

“We wanted an area that wasn’t smack bang in the middle of the city, but close to a train station,” he said.

“We want to engage with the community and build up around it.”

He said the audience won’t go home disappointed.

“This is live athletic drama. We want to incorporate the athletic ability with surprise and suspense – that’s why we’ve called it Mayhem.

For more information search for mayhem pro wrestling on Facebook.