Marymede Catholic College teacher Anthony Amerena is popular with the students at the school.

The grade 6 teacher has been nominated more than 80 times for the A Day Made Better award by the students in his class, as well as other students at the school, their parents and his colleagues.

The award recognises and rewards 10 exceptional primary and secondary school teachers and the winners receive prizes valued at $6000 for their school.

Mr Amerena was initially nominated by one of his students, Tayla.

He said he first found out about the awards when he received an email advising of Tayla’s nomination.

“It was a nice surprise. It means a lot, especially when it comes from a student,” he said.

Mr Amerena, who has been teaching at Marymede Catholic College for two years, said he was passionate about helping children.

“I enjoy seeing how far they have come, not just in the academic side, but as people,” he said. “I want kids to enjoy school.”

Mr Amerena said he was inspired by his own primary and secondary school teachers.

“When I was at school, I was always surrounded by supportive and enthusiastic teachers. I did struggle academically in primary and secondary school but I always had support,” he said.

The winners will be chosen later this month