Forget Santa’s naughty or nice list – the Australian Red Cross Blood Service has its own list of life savers.

The blood service has released its list of names of people most likely to be blood donors, with Jessica topping the list for the ladies in Wyndham and Michael topping the list for men.

Rebeccas, Sarahs, Davids and Johns were also popular blood donor names, but blood service spokesman Leigh Johnston said regardless of your name, it was never too late to add your name to the list. Mr Johnston said more than 180 local donors would be needed between December 21 to January 3.

“Cancer treatments, emergencies, and other serious medical conditions don’t stop for Christmas,” he said.

“We are asking new donors to roll up their sleeves and give blood at this critical time of year.”

Werribee’s Michael Natoli, a long-time plasma giver, last Friday popped in to make his 58th donation. Mr Natoli said his dad used to regularly donate blood and he felt good about being able to help others.

Jessica McConnell from Tarneit, who has been donating blood for the past year, said she really enjoyed getting messages following a donation that tell her where the blood had gone and what it had been used for.

To make an appointment to give blood, call 13 14 95 or visit