Macedon Ranges’ new inspector brings 23 years of policing experience with him and the commitment to ensuring residents feel safe.

This month Christopher Large has started as the new Local Area Commander Inspector in Macedon Ranges, based between Gisborne and Kyneton police stations.

While he’s never worked in Macedon Ranges before, Inspector Large said he was from around the area and was familiar with the community.

The Inspector said he was looking forward to working further from Melbourne after spending most of his career working in crime areas in the western suburbs.

“Prior to taking up the appointment here, I’d always worked in the north-west metro area of Melbourne,” he said. “The opportunity to come out here and take on different challenges and different opportunities was too good to refuse.”

Inspector Large said his focus was ensuring locals felt safe following a recent internal survey that revealed Macedon Ranges residents feared being victims of burglaries.

“For me, the priority really is ensuring that the Macedon Ranges community feels safe and has trust and confidence in our local police,” he said. “Coming into the new year, we’re going to look to run a number of community safety forums across all of the Macedon Ranges, aimed at providing people with an opportunity to talk with local police about the community safety issues impacting on them.”

Inspector Large said the police were also looking at opportunities to communicate safety messages about theft from motor vehicles, after a spate of burglaries from cars in the area last month.

Inspector Large is hoping to stay in the area for “at least the next two to three years”.