The emotional reunion between a dog owner and his pup Summer has served as a reminder to microchip pets.

Summer, the eight-year-old bull Arab, went missing from her home last month.

Moorabool council community safety officer Shannon Walsh said he received a call on September 21 to collect an “emaciated dog which had been found staggering out of the bush” near Blackwood.

Moorabool Pet-Adoption said Summer’s rescuers, nearby residents who were out for a walk, took the pup home and provided a warm bed until help arrived.

“Upon arrival, Shannon found this sweet girl to be emaciated … and a depressed demeanour. She was also found to have a microchip,” it said. “She was immediately transported to the Bacchus Marsh Veterinary Centre and examined.”

Her owner, who asked not to be named, said he was “emotional and heartbroken” to see his companion in such a state.

“We came home from work a few of weeks ago and she was gone,” her owner said. “It was tough, we drove hundreds of kilometers looking for her … but we live in the forest.

“It was devastating to see the state he was in when Shannon bought her back.”

He said Summer had lost nearly 20 kilograms.

“She was without food or water for at least two weeks and she’s very lucky to still be alive.

“She wouldn’t hurt a fly, she’s one of the best pets I’ve ever had in my life.”

Summer is on the road to recovery and is gradually getting her appetite back.