A community campaign to collect old, unwanted bikes, fix them up and sell them is set to go global.

The Wilkinson’s Wheels community initiative was started by local Phil Wilkinson who enlisted the help of some of his mates to help repair close to 500 donated bikes.

Bike sales raised about $3500 at the Macedon CFA flea market in February for the brigade.

Now the project is set to deliver even more pedal power to the masses through Bicycles for Humanity Melbourne – a charity group that sends restored bikes to Africa.

Mr Wilkinson said between 70 and 100 bikes will go overseas and the container they will be sent in would be converted into a workshop to teach bike maintenance.

“The community truly embraced what we are doing and the Bicycles for Humanity project is wonderful,” Mr Wilkinson said.

“The donations of bikes have been phenomenal and we have has so much support from a number of groups in our community and beyond.”

So many old bikes were donated that a new larger shed was needed to house them, Mr Wilkinson said.

Mr Wilkinson said he plans to expand the project to other towns around the shire and eventually create a model that every community can use.

“We would love for someone to donate a container or a space for us to expand our workshop so that we can eventually help other communities to learn how to restore bikes and raise money towards their local CFA.

Over the last 10 years, bikes have raised more than $6000 for the brigade, with more than $1500 being raised last year, he said.

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