These lion cubs are getting set to make their public debut.

The four adorable new additions to Werribee Open Range Zoo’s lion pride will start venturing out on public display this Saturday under the watchful eye of mum Nilo for short periods during the day.

Born on 12 August, the eight-week old cubs have received a clean bill of health from the vets and are ready to join the rest of the lion pride. This is the third litter to be born at Werribee Zoo since 2015.

In a first, visitors will have the opportunity to vote for the names of the lion cubs. Visitors will receive a token and can cast their vote for one of eight African-inspired names shortlisted by keepers that best reflect their personalities.

The two male and two female cubs will receive the names that garner the most votes over a two-week period.

Visitors are encouraged to visit Zoos Victoria’s website and social media pages for all the latest information regarding viewing times.

One of the lion cubs

One of the lion cubs