By Alesha Capone and Timna Jacks (The Age)

VicRoads will change the sequencing of traffic light signals at a Hoppers Crossing intersection, in a bid to reduce vehicles blocking the road.

The roads authority has confirmed that it will modify traffic signalling at the Heaths Road and Morris Road intersection to “…reduce the likelihood of traffic queuing across the intersection”.

This refers to drivers entering an intersection when it is full and becoming stranded when the lights change, causing traffic to bank up.

A VicRoads spokeswoman said that “queue detection” technology would also be installed at the Heaths Road and Morris Road site.

The queue function will be available 24/7, but is only likely to operate during peak times.

“Safety is our top priority in planning for and undertaking network improvements, including at intersections,” the spokeswoman said.

VicRoads said it will also investigate changing traffic light signalling at three other Melbourne intersections, including Melbourne Road and The Avenue in Spotswood.

VicRoads journey services director Sameem Moslih, said drivers who blocked intersections could cause traffic congestion to worsen considerably.

“Our whole system is so fine-tuned that even a car blocking an intersection for a few seconds can cause mayhem,” he said.

“It’s unfortunate that where individuals look for a way of easing their own pain, they are causing a great deal of pain for those people in their rearview mirror.

“It’s not everyone who is doing this, people have different pain thresholds and it really goes back to underlying beliefs that people have, and some people believe that their time is more valuable than others’, which is unfortunate.”

In 2015, a Wyndham council study found that 32,050 motorists travelled along Heaths Road, between Derrimut Road and Morris Road, every day.