Pupils at Brookside P-9 College had the chance to ask questions and learn more about what it’s like to be mayor last week.

Year 4 pupils were paid a visit by then Melton mayor Sophie Ramsey as part of their studies on local government this term.

Teacher Catherine Gatt said the visit gave the children an insight that they might not otherwise have.

“In order for students to develop their sense of belonging and responsibility in their local community these studies are paramount,” Ms Gatt said.

“This is their first formal educative introduction to government and I believe that students have developed an informed awareness of their citizenship in their local community.

“We felt that the most authentic experience we could afford them was to meet the leader of our local government.

“Students studied the Melton website and prepared questions to ask her.

“They were undoubtedly excited and quite anticipatory of her visit.”

Cr Ramsey spoke to the youngsters about the structure of local government and what services it provides.

One pupil was invited to don the mayoral robes and medallion while learning about their significance.

“That will forever be a special memory for the student she selected,” Ms Gatt said.