LeadWest’s advocacy for more federal and state government funding for Melbourne’s west jumped up a notch last week following the group’s presentation to a federal planning committee.

Brimbank council is a major partner of LeadWest, which presented to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Infrastructure, Transport and Cities, which is conducting an inquiry into the federal government’s role in developing cities.

The LeadWest submission emphasised the need for governments to work closer with local councils and advocacy groups when considering infrastructure investment.

“LeadWest supports the Australian government taking a more central role in addressing the growth management, and infrastructure provision planning for our cities,” the submission stated.

“It is LeadWest’s view that integrated city planning of transport, economic and residential growth, community infrastructure and services, in both core metropolitan and suburban growth areas, will have intergenerational impacts.”

As part of the submission, LeadWest
called for a dedicated infrastructure fund, stronger urban planning, better family and education services, increased and improved affordable housing, and roads and public transport to support the west’s growing population.

The benefits of building the west were also emphasised.

“The combined gross regional product of Melbourne’s west is over $34 billion; almost 10 per cent of the gross state product,” the submission stated.

“We are expected to have the highest rate of employment growth of any region in Melbourne in the next 15 years.

“Our region has a long and successful history of close co-operation. Our six local councils are united in working toward better outcomes for Melbourne’s west.

“We want to be a centre of innovation and leadership. We are keen to work cooperatively with all levels of government and to seize on the amazing opportunities in Melbourne’s west.”